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Welcome to Kubota

Kubota Mortuary is a family owned and operated mortuary and funeral home that has been serving the Southern California community for over 50 years. By constantly and intensively serving the community, we have developed a great understanding of the needs, customs, and traditions of our community. We continually strive to maintain traditions, high standards, and the utmost personalized care for our families.


In this age of large corporations, mergers and outsourcing, it is hard for anyone to find experienced, compassionate, and personalized service. These three principles are the foundations of our funeral home here at Kubota Mortuary.


We are committed to helping you create a meaningful remembrance that is the most appropriate for you. Kubota Mortuary is a full-service funeral home providing at-need funeral arrangements, prearrangement planning, merchandise such as caskets, vaults, monuments, and cremation urns, all listed at our current general price list.


Nina Suzuki


Licensed Funeral Director #2869

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Please get in touch with us by phone at (213) 749-1449 especially if a loved one has recently passed away.

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