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Funeral Pre-Planning from Kubota Mortuary


Funeral Pre-Planning Importance

There are many decisions to be made at the time a loved one dies, and these decisions must be made at a time that can be emotionally and physically draining.


We realize that it is not a topic which many like to approach but by pre-planning, the individual’s personal wishes may be addressed in a stress-free manner as well as alleviating difficult decisions for the survivors.


Pre-planning can avoid unnecessary spending. If a family prepays a funeral, that funeral cost is guaranteed at today’s price and will not escalate with inflation.


The funeral directors at Kubota Mortuary will help you put your final wishes in writing. Your loved ones won’t have to question,  "Did we do the right thing?” Regardless of whether or not you prepay your service, it is important to make a memorandum of your funeral arrangements so that your spouse and/or family can be made aware of your final wishes.

Contact us to send you free hard copies of the pre-planning guides!

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