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Los Angeles Mortuary & Funeral Home Community Legacy


Welcome to Kubota Mortuary

Kubota Mortuary is a family owned and operated mortuary and funeral home that has been serving the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California region for generations.


We have developed a great understanding of the needs, customs, and traditions of both the Japanese and other diverse communities who we constantly serve. We continually strive to maintain traditions, high standards, and the utmost personalized care for our families.

In this age of large corporations, mergers and outsourcing, it is hard for anyone to find experienced, compassionate, and personalized service. These three principles are the foundations of our funeral home here at Kubota Mortuary.


We are committed to helping you create a meaningful remembrance that is the most appropriate for you. Kubota Mortuary is a full-service funeral home providing at-need arrangements now, pre-planning funeral or cremation services for the future, merchandise such as funeral flowerscaskets, vaults, monuments, and cremation urns, all listed at our current general price list.

A Special Message from Kubota Mortuary

We, at Kubota Mortuary, are concerned with the care and needs of our community, as we all monitor the recent COVID-19 developments.  Kubota Mortuary maintains its commitment to supporting the community, allowing you to properly care for your bereaved when saying goodbye to your loved one.


We will remain open, caring for your emotional needs and physical safety, to serve our community in these difficult times. While cremation and funeral services/gatherings may be postponed, Kubota Mortuary remains committed to assist you with as many arrangements as we can.

Rest assured, we continue to implement the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, Los Angeles City orders, and LA County guidances plus these specific measures:

  • Hot beverage service to the public will be suspended during this time to limit exposure.

  • Individual water bottles will be available by request (for as long as water bottles are available to us).

  • In addition to the social distancing, a reasonable personal space zone will be created and maintained between visitors and family members of the deceased.


Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding the current and future adjustments being considered. Thank you for your understanding, patience and faith in us, as we all navigate this unprecedented time in our country’s history.

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The Stories of our Generation

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